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Learn Python Programming and its Applications for Data Science and Analytics

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This course is designed for absolute beginners to learn the Python programming language. The goal is to build good learning habits in small steps so you can become comfortable programming on your own to tackle data science problems either for personal projects or jobs.

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Shah Mehrab Kabir

Classes were short and effective.

Helpful for beginners

4 weeks ago
Mohammad Iftekhar Alam

Well planned and well structured

This is one of the best Python Basic courses I have ever come across. It is a very well planned and structured course. It seems to me a lot of thought and hard work is given for preparing the course. The timing of the lecture video is perfect as it gives time to think and synchronize. I pray to almighty Allah for the good health of the content creator and wish to have more like this course.

4 months ago
Nasim Uddin


very informative and awesome tutorial . thanks sir

5 months ago
Mohammad Shakil Islam


It was an excellent learning experience. The well-structured content and hands-on exercises provided a solid foundation, making it an ideal starting point for anyone interested in Python programming.

7 months ago
Abu Baker Tahmid Masud


বেশি শর্ট হয়ছে। এতে মনোযোগ নষ্ট হয়

7 months ago
Saimum Adil Khan

Exceptional Course

It was very helpful to learn basic python for me.

7 months ago
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