About dataskool

dataskool is a platform for learning statistics, data science, and machine learning. Data is now the new electricity. Data analysts and data scientists are in high demand.
The mission of dataskool is to make statistics and data science accessible to those who are interested

Principal Trainer

Dr. Enayetur Raheem

Data Scientist and Statistician
He is the founder of dataskool and the principal trainer.
Dr. Raheem is currently a Principal Data Scientist at a SAAS/DAAS AI company in the US. His domain of application is healthcare in general, which includes hospital, insurance, and biopharma.

 Prior to transitioning to industry, Dr. Raheem served as tenure-track Assistant Professor of Statistics in the US. He is still serving as adjunct faculty, and has taught graduate level courses such as Health Informatics, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence, among others.