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Statistics with Python

Discover applied statistics like never before

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Course at a Glance

  • Learn statistics hands-on with examples without overloading your brain
  • Pre-recorded video lectures in Bangla language
  • Live office hours with the instructor for course/career counseling
  • Direct help from the instructor via private Facebook group
  • Unlimited access to videos and all course materials
  • Access to all future updates

What's Special about this Course?

Let's be honest--

Everyone finds statistics hard
Really hard

Some even hate it

But it shouldn't be like that

Statistics is beautiful
Really beautiful
Only If you discover it

I am a statistician-turned Data Scientist with over 20 years of experience in academia and industry combined

I have discovered the beauty of statistics

Yes, it took many years

And you can discover it too

With my unique teaching style, I will help you learn statistics in a way that 'makes sense'

I will walk you through the rough road and help you discover an oasis at the end

You will exclaim--

Yeah, this makes sense

And that's my teaching philosophy :-)

I've created this course with all my experience of over two decades

And I am still learning and sharing with students so they can discover statistics like I did

All in a little bit less time than what it took me to discover

Yes, you can!
Of course, you can!


Course Curriculum

About the Instructor

Enayetur Raheem, Ph.D.

is an accomplished data scientist with over 20 years of analytic experience in academia and industry combined

He has taught graduate level statistics courses at Dhaka University and several universities in the US prior to transitioning to industry

Currently he is a Principal Data Scientist at an AI startup in healthcare domain in US

He is a lifelong learner and passionate about teaching online

He is the founder and principal instructor at

Testimonials from Students

Shah Jalal

Scientific Officer

The course materials are very helpful and well organized. I have learned a lot about statistical analysis with R for research purposes. It is very effective for those who want to learn statistical analysis with R in the Bengali language like me.

-- Student from Statistical Analysis with R for Reproducible Research course

Syed Al Mahiyan


The way of his teaching is just incredible. He made me feel that learning SQL is very easy and fun. Described and showed the topics clearly. Also making the concepts crystal clear.

-- Student from SQL for Data Analysis course